class MainActivity

    package com.example.countrieswithflags; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.Menu; import android.widget.ListView; public class MainActivity extends Activity { @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); String[] recourseList=this.getResources().getStringArray(R.array.CountryCodes); final ListView listview = (ListView) findViewById(; listview.setAdapter(new CountriesListAdapter(this, recourseList)); } @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present. getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu); return true; } } 



     package com.example.countrieswithflags; import java.util.Locale; import android.content.Context; import android.view.LayoutInflater; import android.view.View; import android.view.ViewGroup; import android.widget.ArrayAdapter; import android.widget.ImageView; import android.widget.TextView; public class CountriesListAdapter extends ArrayAdapter { private final Context context; private final String[] values; public CountriesListAdapter(Context context, String[] values) { super(context, R.layout.country_list_item, values); this.context = context; this.values = values; } @Override public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) { LayoutInflater inflater = (LayoutInflater) context .getSystemService(Context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE); View rowView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.country_list_item, parent, false); TextView textView = (TextView) rowView.findViewById(; ImageView imageView = (ImageView) rowView.findViewById(; String[] g=values[position].split(","); textView.setText(GetCountryZipCode(g[1]).trim()); String pngName = g[1].trim().toLowerCase(); imageView.setImageResource(context.getResources().getIdentifier("drawable/" + pngName, null, context.getPackageName())); return rowView; } private String GetCountryZipCode(String ssid){ Locale loc = new Locale("", ssid); return loc.getDisplayCountry().trim(); } } 


       Countries With Flags Settings Hello world!  93,AF 355,AL 213,DZ 376,AD 244,AO 54,AR 374,AM 297,AW 61,AU 43,AT 994,AZ 973,BH 880,BD 375,BY 32,BE 501,BZ 229,BJ 975,BT 591,BO 387,BA 267,BW 55,BR 673,BN 359,BG 226,BF 95,MM 257,BI 855,KH 237,CM 1,CA 238,CV 236,CF 235,TD 56,CL 86,CN 61,CX 61,CC 57,CO 269,KM 242,CG 243,CD 682,CK 506,CR 385,HR 53,CU 357,CY 420,CZ 45,DK 253,DJ 670,TL 593,EC 20,EG 503,SV 240,GQ 291,ER 372,EE 251,ET 500,FK 298,FO 679,FJ 358,FI 33,FR 689,PF 241,GA 220,GM 995,GE 49,DE 233,GH 350,GI 30,GR 299,GL 502,GT 224,GN 245,GW 592,GY 509,HT 504,HN 852,HK 36,HU 91,IN 62,ID 98,IR 964,IQ 353,IE 44,IM 972,IL 39,IT 225,CI 81,JP 962,JO 7,KZ 254,KE 686,KI 965,KW 996,KG 856,LA 371,LV 961,LB 266,LS 231,LR 218,LY 423,LI 370,LT 352,LU 853,MO 389,MK 261,MG 265,MW 60,MY 960,MV 223,ML 356,MT 692,MH 222,MR 230,MU 262,YT 52,MX 691,FM 373,MD 377,MC 976,MN 382,ME 212,MA 258,MZ 264,NA 674,NR 977,NP 31,NL 599,AN 687,NC 64,NZ 505,NI 227,NE 234,NG 683,NU 850,KP 47,NO 968,OM 92,PK 680,PW 507,PA 675,PG 595,PY 51,PE 63,PH 870,PN 48,PL 351,PT 1,PR 974,QA 40,RO 7,RU 250,RW 590,BL 685,WS 378,SM 239,ST 966,SA 221,SN 381,RS 248,SC 232,SL 65,SG 421,SK 386,SI 677,SB 252,SO 27,ZA 82,KR 34,ES 94,LK 290,SH 508,PM 249,SD 597,SR 268,SZ 46,SE 41,CH 963,SY 886,TW 992,TJ 255,TZ 66,TH 228,TG 690,TK 676,TO 216,TN 90,TR 993,TM 688,TV 971,AE 256,UG 44,GB 380,UA 598,UY 1,US 998,UZ 678,VU 39,VA 58,VE 84,VN 681,WF 967,YE 260,ZM 263,ZW   





    此外,您可以从此处find具有正确名称(国家的ISO名称)的标志图像。 或者您可以在项目中find它们(上面给出的链接)。