GoogleAnalyticsTracker javadoc

我在哪里可以findGoogle Analytics for Android的javadoc? 我在项目主页上search它,但在任何地方找不到它。

您可以在“”文件的“”文件中find适用于Android javadoc的Google Analytics(分析),其中包含“libGoogleAnalyticsV2.jar”。 在这里下载。

Anaylytics有一个Google Code页面,它向您展示了如何使用API​​。 Analytics-api-sample 。 你可能需要从SVN中检查出来才能使用它。

您可以使用API​​在这里生成它: http : //

适用于Google Analytics(分析)v4的Javadoc可在此处获得:

适用于Android的完整文档Google Analytics(分析)位于:



 ga_api_key (String) - the account ID used for tracking. You need this set for EasyTracker to start tracking your application. ga_debug (Bool) - Set to true if you wish to see debug messages from the GoogleAnalytics library in the Android log. Default is false. ga_dryRun (Bool) - Set to true if you want to test your tracking code without actually sending data to Google Analytics. Default is false. ga_anonymizeIp (Bool) - Set to true to remove the last octet of the device's IP Address from tracking data. Default is false. ga_sampleRate(Integer) - Set to a number between 0 and 100, inclusive. Zero will turn off all tracking while 100 will have every application instance track. Any number in between will limit the number of application instances that actually send tracking data to approximately that percentage. Default is 100. ga_dispatchPeriod (Integer) - Set to the time period in seconds to wait between dispatches. Setting to zero will turn off automatic dispatching. Default is 60. ga_auto_activity_tracking (Bool) - Set to true to track time spent in each Activity. Set to false to track application- level information only. Default is false.